The History Behind The Twin Spires

They have been standing since 1895 and were designed by architect Joseph Dominic Baldez. When these two tracks closed, there was a void in Louisville that needed filling. The renovation replaced the clubhouse and added 79 luxury suites and the twin spires were refurbished. Clark was actually grandson of famous explorer William Clark. Richard Ten Broeck was a horse breeder and trainer and Clark’s father-in-law. The track has also hosted the Breeders’ Cup races on six occasions. The renovation was somewhat of a controversy since the new grandstand suites block full view of the twin spires, although they are still the highest points of the facility.

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. Some changes needed to be made and in 1893 the track was sold to a syndicate that was led by William Applegate. From 2001 to 2005, the grandstand underwent a $121 million renovation. He was also the president of the Louisville Jockey Club and Driving Park Association. Broek was an accomplished trainer, regularly attending the English Derby at Epsom Downs in London.

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Louisville had always had a love affair with horseracing. A new tradition would also be implemented that year – the adorning of the Kentucky Derby winner in a garland of roses. He has worked for some of the top online sportsbooks and now runs internet marketing for BetAmerica – the top online US horse racing betting website.

When you talk with people about Churchill Downs, one thing comes to mind – the twin spires.

The twin spires are the most recognizable feature of Churchill Downs. Today, the Churchill Downs complex covers over 147 acres, nearly double its original size. Since the spires were built, several renovations have been made to the track itself. What most people don’t know is the history behind the track and how the twin spires came to be.

The track is named after John and Henry Churchill. New changes were implemented including shortening the track and the commissioning of the twin spire grandstand in 1895.

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Another unique addition to Churchill Downs was the adding of a mural that depicted the 96 jockeys that had won the Kentucky Derby from 1875 to 2004. The two leased eighty acres of land to their nephew Colonel Meriweather Lewis Clark, Jr. The mural was painted by Pierre Bellocq, who updated the mural in 2008 to reflect all of the winning jockeys and trainers to date.

For quite some time, Churchill had a reputation as a gambling hall. Churchill Downs would do just that. The dirt oval main track is a mile while the turf track is 7/8 of a mile. Even people who don’t watch horseracing know about Churchill Downs and its twin spires due to the popularity of races such as the Kentucky Derby and the Kentucky Oaks. After all, it was home to Oakland racecourse as well as Woodlawn. He was the man that introduced Clark to the world of horse racing