Benefits of Playing Sports

It helps you increase your stamina and endurance. You need to devise strategies to win, you need to decide whether to take an offensive stand or a defensive one. Sports foster collective thinking and harness your planning and delegation skills too. Playing sports is very beneficial for the development of social skills. Sports parks are being developed in many tourist destinations. Sports help enhance your personality. They help develop leadership qualities and foster team spirit in kids. all a part of playing sports. International sports events foster patriotism and a feeling of oneness among the team members of a country. Jumping about, running around, racing to get ahead, hitting, throwing, bouncing, kicking (the ball), shouting, clapping, cheering, falling and standing up again… As developments are undertaken in cities hosting sports events, sports can lead to urbanization of rural areas. Sports build a competitive spirit in children and teach them to be participative irrespective of whether the result is victory or defeat. Games that involve running, kicking or throwing a ball help strengthen the arms and legs; for example soccer and cricket. As sports serve as an excellent form of exercise, it won’t come as a surprise that they offer health benefits like lowering blood pressure, maintaining blood sugar and cholesterol levels and reducing other health risks. This definitely involves clever thinking, which sports encourage. Playing sports is energy put to good use. Those who play sports have a more positive body image than those who do not. Playing sports, you can’t be sad. They improve your physical and psychological health; physical because sports involve exercise and psychological because playing is something you enjoy, it’s something that relaxes your mind. Playing some sport regularly goes a long way in maintaining your physical and mental well-being. I know anyone would agree with this. Yes, if you are playing a sport regularly, you are at a lesser risk of developing diabetes or heart diseases. Studies show that kids who play sports regularly fare well in academics and do well in school.

Playing sports is something most of us love, isn’t it? Undoubtedly, sports are a fun activity but they offer several health benefits too. Sports help you become more sporting, more positive and stronger.

# Achieve social integration

# Lead to infrastructural developments

# Create employment opportunities

# Boost the tourism industry

Sports serve as an excellent physical exercise. It is the increasing inclination for playing sports which is responsible for such developments.

Regular exercise that is achieved through sports leads to an improvement in the overall health thus improving the quality of life. Play!

Research shows that sports improve Math skills in children. They give you the high by increasing the production of endorphins in the brain. Something so advantageous is worth investing time in. Sports that involve aiming and hitting skills, for example, tennis, badminton, baseball and cricket help them increase focus. You need to judge your opponent’s strategy and modify yours accordingly. You need to devise ways to score goals, runs or earn points, as the case may be. Swimming provides a full body workout. So go hit the ground today. Sports teach you to think with a cool head. Sports often involve physical activities like running, jumping, stretching and moving about which turn out to be a good body workout. The most important benefit of sports is the sportsman spirit they inculcate. Thus sports provide the body with complete exercise and engaging in sports directly translates into overall fitness.

Psychological Benefits

The Bigger Picture

Physical Benefits

# Increased strength and stamina

# Better body shape and increased agility

# They help burn calories and shed those extra pounds.

# They give the body a good exercise.

Sports make you happy. Sports are a good combination of recreation and exercise. Sports generate a positive energy in you, around you.

Playing sports reduces several health risks. Sports that involve jumping and stretching help increase height; for example basketball. They are a good source of both exercise and entertainment.

When sports are played at the state or national level, they increase the players’ sense of belonging to their community or country. And there is no match to the happiness this brings. Those who engage in sports activities are less prone to depression, anxiety and other psychological disorders.. In fact, they bust the sorrow and the stress. Playing sports teaches them to accept both successes and failures with a positive spirit. Playing sports at these levels opens many employment avenues for not only sportsmen and women but also people who join tournaments as volunteers, cheerleaders or in the capacity of sports doctors and physical therapists. They involve competition; they involve winning and losing. Playing sports reduces the risk of hypertension and several other stress-related disorders. Sports teach you to interact with people, communicate with them and collaborate as a team. Engaging in sports since an early age strengthens your bones and muscles and tones your body. It requires you to strategize. Many cities have started becoming hubs for sports tourism. Winning a game gives you a sense of accomplishment, which boosts your confidence further.

# They encourage you to give your best every time.

# They help build your planning and analytical skills and increase concentration.

# Sports boost confidence.

# They build leadership and team skills.

Playing sports involves directed thinking. This exposes children to both aspects of life, successes and failures. In other words, sports are a form of exercise which generates happiness molecules in your body, thus restoring your mental health. Research shows that people who play sports regularly can deal with stresses and strains in a better way. Sports build confidence