Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet

Receiving news from across the world, accessing knowledge resources, and shopping online are simply a click away. This digital world can be a playground for some and a battlefield for others.

The Internet has become an indispensable business tool, which has helped bring the world closer. All modern technologies are connected by the Internet, thereby leaving no stone unturned. However, today, the Internet has become the most powerful tool for people around the world. The Internet is basically “a network that connects other, smaller networks”. Till then, the term Internet was practically unknown to most people. Because of our continuous quest for more amenities and better standard of living, we have been able to invent and discover many new things. During our evolutionary journey from “Homo erectus” to “Neanderthal” and then to “Homo sapiens”, we have come a long way. The Internet has tremendous potential and a lot to offer in terms of services. With the advent of Internet, our earth has virtually reduced in size and has attained the form of a global village.

The Internet can be explained as a network of computers, designed to receive and send data in the form of e-mails, blogs, webcasts, etc. However, like every other innovation in science and technology, the Internet comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, which have been discussed in this Buzzle article.

. The nineties witnessed a major revolution with the invention of the first electronic digital computers. To put it simply, it can be likened to a super-massive server, armed with a plethora of information which is used by billions of people simultaneously