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Rangers Pick – NHL March 23rd

The Boston Bruins and New York Rangers reignite an east coast rivalry tonight at Madison Square Garden. The Rangers enjoyed a win over the Panthers the other night, in a 4-2 victory. Spurs Pick NBA – March 23rd

We took a loss last night as it appears the Memphis Grizzlies have finally run out of bodies, falling 107-100 at the Los Angeles Lakers.  The complete decimation thanks to injury creates an interesting situation as teams jockey for playoff position.  It isn’t that any of the top four teams FEAR any of the next four playoff entrants; in fact, I would think they would all be borderline dismissive.  But it does create an interesting dynamic should… Read More

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Islanders vs. At 39-24-9 they sit... Read More</p>
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Stars vs. Syracuse NCAA Tournament Pick + Bonus Pick

All the madness, craziness and parity has given us this: a left side of the Bracket that even Barack Obama would find to be boringly “chalk.”  All four matchups last night pitted the teams the seed lines and “experts” thought would be facing off, and all delivered the requisite boring outcome with the better seeded team winning and NONE by less than 14 points.

So, is our season of madness finally making sense?  The year of more #1 ranking… Read More

. Henrik Lundqvist was frozen in ice before then, losing his previous five starts. Spurs Pick NBA – March 23rd” />

Heat vs. It isn’t the most familiar kind of trend we have seen Henrik produce. Oregon Pick NCAA Tournament – March 24th

The NCAA Tournament resumes tonight and you really could ask for a much better Sweet Sixteen.  Despite a ton of thrilling upsets, we are left with the matchups most fans truly want; the best teams taking on the best teams.  With the exception of the 4/5 seed line difference (and one could easily argue that #5 Maryland is a better team than #4 Cal), tonight’s games are the top teams remaining on the left side of the Bracket.  Granted, Texas A&M… Read More

Nuggets vs. Oregon Pick NCAA Tournament - March 24th

Duke vs. Lakers Pick NBA – March 25th” />

Nuggets vs. The Rangers currently sit… Read More

Stars vs. The Lightning are working to keep 1st place in the Atlantic, while the Islanders are just trying to stay alive at this point. Lakers Pick NBA - March 25th</p>
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You gotta love how the Golden State Warriors are finally apologetically embracing 73 wins.  Not only is it the RIGHT thing to do (someone wins a title every year, this is a chance to be an immortal forever team), it also makes these last three weeks more watchable.  With the Western seeds all but established, and the East being in flux but seemingly irrelevant as no one three through ten seems too much better than anyone else, the Warriors quest… Read More

Picks will be posted up until 2 hours prior to the games. Thanks to an uninspiring stretch of games for the Isles lately, they’re staring at a situation where they could fall out of contention completely, if they keep at this pace. Lightning Pick – NHL March 25th” />

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Duke vs. Rangers Pick - NHL March 23rd

Bruins vs. Good Luck,


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Bruins vs. With that said, we try our best to get them up as early as possible and most of the time they will be posted at least 5+ hours prior to game time. Coyotes Pick - NHL March 24th</p>
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After a monumental win against the Blackhawks in Chicago, the Stars head back down south, but to the desert in Arizona before they return to Dallas. Dallas hasn’t been bothered thus far without him, but will be without his services until mid-April. Syracuse NCAA Tournament Pick + Bonus Pick” />

Gonzaga vs. We’ll see… Read More

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