2014 FIFA World Cup 3rd Place Game: Live Updates – Live Blogs & Updates

10 minutes until kick-off!

A nice touch as David Luiz and Neymar shake the hands of all the mascots – the children still love them!

Morty, you’d have to say Podolski – although he has talked about a return to Germany.

Here come the teams – and Big Phil Scolari hands yet another package out, this time to Louis van Gaal.

The Dutch national anthem plays, with the Oranje in all blue for today’s game.

Timbear, it’s Djamel Haimoudi, who is Algerian.

Bill, seeing as Walcott wasn’t fit for the World Cup, Sanchez will take his place – but I’d imagine he’ll play wherever he wants!

Nick, they’re definitely finishing the anthem well.

What an atmosphere! A tiny mascot belts out the anthem louder than the players around her, while a girl holding one of the flags on the pitch is in tears – it’s an emotional day.