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Liverpool FC and Chelsea FC Mobile Content Cards to Be Supplied by Ki-Bi for Orange; Premier Football Club Branded Ki-Bi Cards to Be Distributed to Orange Customers

During the past two years, Ki-Bi has established relationships with global leaders in the mobile market such as Motorola, Ericsson, Orange, O2, Sun Microsystems, Siemens and others. The Company’s business model is based upon the sale of electronic content cards (“Cards”) and sharing of the revenues from the content distributed through the Cards.

Ki-Bi provides innovative technological solutions for physical distribution and marketing of content and applications for mobile handsets. In the same month, Orange also won Best International Mobile Operator at the World Communications Awards.

The Chelsea and Liverpool Ki-Bi cards will be sent via direct mail to Orange customers who have either registered for SMS sports alerts or who are known fans of either of the teams. For more information, please visit Traditionally, this sort of content would be accessed via a WAP portal from the handset; however by using the Ki-Bi card, Orange will be able to simplify the download process resulting in increased download volumes.”

TEL AVIV, Israel–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jan. The content on the cards will be distributed as premium downloads, generating revenues from the fans each time they use the Ki-Bi cards. The judges said: “Orange is so solid, you cannot expect more.”

About Ki-Bi Mobile Technologies Ltd.


The Ki-Bi card, with its high perceived value and mass market appeal, is specifically designed to lead mobile content product categories in the retail and promotional space. As well as directly generating revenue through premium downloads, the cards also offer consumers an easy introduction into the world of mobile content, something that has been proved to have a knock on effect on their ongoing consumption.”

In May 2005, Orange gained the top ranking for customer satisfaction among mobile phone contract customers in the annual J.D.Power and Associates 2005 UK Mobile Telephone Customers Satisfaction Study.

In October 2005, Orange won the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards – voted for by readers of Mobile Choice magazine – for Best Network Operator for the fifth year running. At the end of June 2005, Orange had over 14.4 million active UK customers. By using the cards in conjunction with the Chelsea and Liverpool brands we hope to offer our customers something that is of real value to them. The cards will be launched to coincide with the start of the European Champions League Finals, to which both Chelsea and Liverpool have qualified, in February 2006.

Content such as ringtones, music, video and games for mobile handsets, is currently distributed mainly by over-the-air downloads into handsets, but there are technological, logistic and marketing barriers to traditional physical distribution of such content via retail outlets. .

About Orange

Richard Cohen, European Sales Director, Ki-Bi, said: “This is a great application for our cards – football clubs have huge potential for mobile content, whether that be video, ringtones or wallpapers. Ki-Bi has been a portfolio company of Siemens Acceleration since September 2003, and became publicly traded on AIM in London in May 2005 (LSE: KIB). The cards, branded as either Chelsea FC or Liverpool FC, will allow Orange customers who are fans of these clubs to download exclusive mobile content direct to their mobile phones. Ki-Bi provides a solution for the tangible distribution of mobile content based on a combination of proprietary consumer electronics devices and central management server systems. 4, 2006–Mobile content distribution specialist Ki-Bi today announces a deal with Orange to produce football-club-branded mobile content cards for distribution to the mobile network operator’s customers. In the UK, Orange provides high quality GSM coverage to 99% of the UK population, and offers roaming to pay monthly customers on 393 networks in 156 countries and to pay as you go customers on 131 networks in 67 countries. It is the seventh time Orange has been ranked top by the study.

Information about Orange can be found on the Orange website at and media information can be found at

Orange, wirefree and any other Orange product or service referred to in this release are trademarks of Orange Personal Communications Services Ltd. Steve Wallage, Commercial Manager for Sports, Orange UK, said: “The Ki-Bi card is a truly innovative solution to the challenge of delivering mobile content to consumers

Another winter | The Wider Image

Now he should take them back,” said local resident Mehmet Balci.

Turkey has spent over $4 billion on aid and complains of scant international help, but the sheer numbers of refugees mean many live in abject conditions with little or no access to education or healthcare.

A registration drive has reached an estimated 1.2 million refugees in Turkey, but half a million more remain outside the system.

. Tumble-down buildings are being demolished and those that remain, surrounded by rubble, are either occupied by poor Turks or rented out to the 300 Syrian families living there. Syrian refugees across the Middle East, some in exile for a fourth winter, face freezing temperatures, hunger and increasing hostility from locals as governments struggle to cope with the humanitarian crisis.

Lebanon and Jordan are tightening their borders whilst in Turkey, widely praised for hosting around half Syria’s estimated 3.2 million refugees, the influx threatens to upset the country’s delicate social balance.

Haci Bayram is one of the Turkish capital’s most deprived areas. Erdogan brought them here. Often, 75 people have to share a single toilet.

Some locals accuse the refugees of poor hygiene, urinating in the streets, drug-taking, brawling and stealing.

A Turkish couple look out of their window.

Although sympathy for the plight of Syrians remains high, it is largely saved for those still in Syria, or in the camps set up by the Turkish authorities near the border.

“In my 76 years living here I’ve never known such problems ..

Arsenal Achieved Midfielder Control

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Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard Close To Deal With L.A. Galaxy: ESPN Report

The site also said the transfer needed the approval of the board of governors at MLS because the league would contribute $750,000 to the package.

Should former England captain Gerrard, 34, complete his move to Los Angeles he would join up again with Ireland striker Robbie Keane, one of the club’s ‘designated players’ who spent a brief spell as a team mate at Liverpool.

ESPN’s website cited a source who declined to be identified as saying that the club he had chosen was David Beckham’s former team the Galaxy and that the deal was worth $6 million a year.

LOS ANGELES, Jan 3 (Reuters) – Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard is close to signing an 18-month contract with Major League Soccer’s (MLS) Los Angeles Galaxy, ESPN reported on Saturday.

MLS has a ‘single entity’ structure and it has often helped to bring in big-name players in the past. teams are allowed three ‘designated players’ whose wages are paid mostly outside of the salary cap and the Galaxy have a free slot following the retirement of American forward Landon Donovan. (Reporting by Simon Evans, editing by Tony Jimenez)


A spokesman for MLS told Reuters “unfortunately MLS is not able to provide additional insight into a potential player agreement.”


Earlier, captain Gerrard told Liverpool’s TV channel that he would be moving to MLS at the end of the season but had yet to finalize a deal with a team

Reuters Soccer Blog

URUGUAYUruguays run to the last four of the World Cup is something of a fairytale, despite the Luis Suarez handball incident the tiny nation with a glorious soccer history, their squad led by a scholarly coach and a dashing striker, battling on to write a new chapter as its bigger, more illustrious neighbours fall by the wayside.

World’s largest family with 181 members live in 100-room, four-storey house in India

IF mealtimes are mad in your house, imagine the mayhem when this lot are hungry.

Ziona Chana is head of the worlds largest family, which has 181 members him, 39 wives, 94 children, 14 daughters-in-law and 33 grandkids.

Although the construction worker, whose youngest child is five, certainly has his hands full and, in one of our pictures, his head in his hands he insists he is blessed. Everyone in the family respects me.

There is also a rota system when it comes to who shares Zionas double bed the other 38 wives have to make do with the communal dormitories.

A view of Ziona's 4 storey house in Baktawng village in the northeastern Indian state of Mizoram (Pic: Reuters)

Son Parliana, 50, said his dad who belongs to a sect which allows men to have multiple wives got married so many times so he could look after poor and orphaned village women.

He said: Hes not just head of this house but also the leader of 4,000 people of the Chana sect.

. Ziona, 67 said: I consider myself a lucky man to be the husband of 39 women and head of the worlds largest family.

Life at the familys 100-room, four-storey house in Baktwang, India, is run with military precision, with first wife Zathiangi, 71, organising all the others when it comes to domestic chores.

She said: I am the eldest and have been married to Ziona the longest

Writer Gore Vidal dead at 86

Marlon Brando. Vidal would say that his decision to live abroad damaged his literary reputation in the United States. Orson Welles. He never married and for decades shared a scenic villa in Ravello, Italy, with companion Howard Austen.

Vidal was uncomfortable with the literary and political establishment, and the feeling was mutual. Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. (He was eventually admitted, in 1999).

Vidal had an old-fashioned belief in honor, but a modern will to live as he pleased. In print and in person, he was a shameless name dropper, but what names! John and Jacqueline Kennedy.

CBS Photo Archives

Vidal died at his home in the Hollywood Hills at about 6:45 p.m.

Mike Wallace is pictured with author Gore Vidal in the CBS newsroom, April 6, 1978.

The author “meant everything to me when I was learning how to write and learning how to read,” Dave Eggers said at the 2009 National Book Awards ceremony, when he and Vidal received honorary citations. Buckley, Vidal appeared cold and cynical on the surface. Kennedy and Tennessee Williams.

(AP) Gore Vidal, the author, playwright, politician and commentator whose novels, essays, plays and opinions were stamped by his immodest wit and unconventional wisdom, has died at the age of 86, his nephew said Tuesday.

2012 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. He wrote in the memoir “Palimpsest” that he had more than 1,000 “sexual encounters,” nothing special, he added, compared to the pursuits of such peers as John F. But he bore a melancholy regard for lost worlds, for the primacy of the written word, for “the ancient American sense that whatever is wrong with human society can be put right by human action.”. Tuesday of complications from pneumonia, Burr Steers said. Vidal had been living alone in the home and had been sick for “quite a while,” he said.

Along with such contemporaries as Norman Mailer and Truman Capote, Vidal was among the last generation of literary writers who were also genuine celebrities fixtures on talk shows and in gossip columns, personalities of such size and appeal that even those who hadn’t read their books knew who they were.

Tall and distinguished looking, with a haughty baritone not unlike that of his conservative arch-enemy William F. Beyond an honorary National Book Award in 2009, he won few major writing prizes, lost both times he ran for office and initially declined membership into the American Academy of Arts and Letters, joking that he already belonged to the Diners Club. Mencken about literature, culture, politics and, as he liked to call it, “the birds and the bees.” He picked apart politicians, living and dead; mocked religion and prudery; opposed wars from Vietnam to Iraq and insulted his peers like no other, once observing that the three saddest words in the English language were “Joyce Carol Oates.” (The happiest words: “I told you so”).

Vidal was fond of drink and alleged that he had sampled every major drug, once. Frank Sinatra. Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon. Tennessee Williams. Mick Jagger. “His words, his intellect, his activism, his ability and willingness to always speak up and hold his government accountable, especially, has been so inspiring to me I can’t articulate it.” Ralph Ellison labeled him a “campy patrician.”

His works included hundreds of essays; the best-selling novels “Lincoln” and “Myra Breckenridge”; the groundbreaking “The City and the Pillar,” among the first novels about openly gay characters; and the Tony-nominated play “The Best Man,” revived on Broadway in 2012.

But he was widely admired as an independent thinker in the tradition of Mark Twain and H.L. Hillary Clinton

Spain celebrates Iniesta, World Cup

Early on we gave chances away, we were not good enough in possession of the ball. We have to celebrate and are delighted to be able to offer this victory to all the people of Spain.”

Del Bosque said it had been a pleasure to coach the side, which with the win adds the World Cup to its European crown.

“There is joy of being 50 days with this group of players who have given us the world title.

Spain returns home with World Cup


Spain win World Cup for the first time with 1-0 win over the NetherlandsGoal from Iniesta in extra time settles final without penalty kicks at Soccer CityDutch lose their third appearance in a World Cup finalGame littered by 14 yellow cards and sending off for Dutchman Johnny Heitinga

(CNN) — Spain won the World Cup for the first time in its history as an extra-time goal from midfielder Andres Iniesta gave his country a last-gasp 1-0 victory over the Netherlands in the final at Soccer City.

The showpiece game of the South Africa-hosted tournament on Sunday was littered with no less than 14 yellow cards and one red but was settled by a moment of magic by the Barcelona man after he was played in by substitute Cesc Fabregas.

His 116th-minute strike was the goal all Spaniards were waiting for and spared both sides the agony of deciding the new world champions by penalties.

The breakthrough came after the Dutch had been reduced to 10 men, following Johnny Heitinga’s dismissal in the second half of extra time by referee Howard Webb for a foul on Iniesta.

“It’s incredible,” Iniesta told gathered media in a post-match news conference.

“What a joy especially when you see how we won it. It is a World Cup final, and there is a lot of emotion — you saw that at the end of the match.

“I would have loved to win the match, even with not so beautiful football. This goes beyond sport. “It was tough to watch, and it feels tough now.”

Back in South Africa, Van Marwijk defended the tactics that had seen his side regularly penalized by the referee: “It is not our style, but then again you play a match to win. I am disappointed. Yes it was rough at times, but that is part of football.”

For the Spanish came joy, but for the Dutch, desolation. Afterwards, I think that we were slightly better,” he added.

The coach also refused to be drawn into criticizing the tough tackling of the Netherlands: “I’m here to speak about the beautiful things of football. There aren’t the words to describe what I am feeling. The flying winger was sent clear by Wesley Sneijder, only to be denied by a superb save from Spain captain Iker Casillas, who stuck out a leg to send the ball wide.

Late in normal time Robben was also through and appeared to be pulled back by Spain defender Carles Puyol before Casillas saved again at his feet.

Spain had great chances in the second half with David Villa denied by the legs of Heitinga, and Sergio Ramos who headed over with the goal at his mercy.

At the end of normal time, the game remained scoreless, as the dropping temperatures and deadlock in the match served to quiet the sell-out crowd in the Soccer City Stadium.

In extra-time, Spain pressed forward with yet more urgency and Fabregas was put through by Iniesta only for goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg to deny him with a smart save.

With the game opening up, Joris Mathijsen was nearly an unlikely scorer for the Dutch while Spain substitute Jesus Navas saw his shot deflected into the side netting.

But in the second half of extra-time, the goal chances dried up until Iniesta cropped up to score the winner.

Substitute Fernando Torres, who later pulled up in agony clutching his hamstring, played in the initial ball.

It was poorly cleared, falling to Fabregas, who sent a neat pass through to his teammate Iniesta, who had cleverly stayed onside.

The Dutch angrily protested Webb should have awarded an earlier foul, but he waved the protests away and was soon signaling the end of an eventful final, marred by persistent fouling that broke up the natural rhythm of the game.

A chest-high tackle in the first half by Nigel de Jong, which left Spain midfielder Xabi Alonso nursing bruised ribs, might have earned a red card, while Mark van Bommel also escaped harsher punishment after another thumping challenge. We made a real game out of it and we had two great chances through Arjen [Robben].

“It is very bitter, but that is sport. It is harsh. After my goal, I thought about my family and all the people who I love. Spain were the better team,” he told reporters after the game.

In Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, most of the hundreds of thousands of people who’d gathered in the Museumplein square to watch the game on a giant screen filtered out in stunned silence after the final whistle, leaving behind trampled orange hats and a smattering of tearful people sitting on crates with their heads in their hands.

“I thought we could hang on till the penalties, and then it would have been 50-50,” said a man in his 30s, wearing face paint in the colors of the Dutch flag.

A woman in her early 20s had an expression that veered between a smile and a frown.

“We really thought we could do it,” she said. It was a difficult match.

Dutch coach Bert van Marwijk — who lost out on the chance to have become the first coach since 1970 to have led a side through World Cup qualifying and the finals unbeaten — conceded Spain had deserved to win.

“The best team won. I’m not someone to look back on the what the referee did. Everyone in the dressing room is ecstatic,” he said.

Del Bosque, who won two European Cups when in charge of club side Real Madrid, dedicated the win to his countrymen.

“Spain, the country, deserves this triumph. Holland played a good game in an even, balanced match. But the victory is the fruit of a lot of work,” an emotional Iniesta told reporters.

Spain coach Vincente del Bosque added to the happy sentiment following his side’s victory: “Today is a reward for beautiful football. I think the best team usually wins the match,” he added.

. The Netherlands lost its third appearance in a World Cup final, after previous defeats in the 1974 and 1978.

Two second-half chances went begging for star player Arjen Robben. But then we turned it around

2014 FIFA World Cup 3rd Place Game: Live Updates – Live Blogs & Updates

10 minutes until kick-off!

A nice touch as David Luiz and Neymar shake the hands of all the mascots – the children still love them!

Morty, you’d have to say Podolski – although he has talked about a return to Germany.

Here come the teams – and Big Phil Scolari hands yet another package out, this time to Louis van Gaal.

The Dutch national anthem plays, with the Oranje in all blue for today’s game.

Timbear, it’s Djamel Haimoudi, who is Algerian.

Bill, seeing as Walcott wasn’t fit for the World Cup, Sanchez will take his place – but I’d imagine he’ll play wherever he wants!

Nick, they’re definitely finishing the anthem well.

What an atmosphere! A tiny mascot belts out the anthem louder than the players around her, while a girl holding one of the flags on the pitch is in tears – it’s an emotional day.

Jungmann, Santana lead Brewers over Reds

Khris Davis singled in Lucroy with one out to give the Brewers a 2-0 lead.

Iglesias then retired 16 straight before allowing a two-out single in the sixth to Adam Lind. But he’s regressed in his last two, allowing 12 runs over 9 2/3 innings.

. That’s when you really start to get in trouble, when you try to do too much.”

Jungmann (8-5) limited the Reds to three hits and three walks while striking out five in a strong start following his worst outing of the year on Saturday in Washington.

”I think a bounce-back start is always big,” Jungmann said. That part has been great to watch. ”It’s good for the psyche.”

Cincinnati rookie Raisel Iglesias (3-6) turned in a solid performance of his own by retiring 16 straight during one stretch.

”He’s a stud,” Reds manager Bryan Price said. ”It’s been a challenge not just for this stretch, but for most of this season and much of last season. He went on the DL briefly in July with right shoulder tendinitis and pitched well in his first five starts back. First, he was caught trying to steal third in the sixth. The right-hander could be in line for a September call-up. The Cuban right-hander finished with 10 strikeouts in seven innings on the heels of his 13-strikeout performance in a loss to Arizona on Sunday.

Iglesias has received just three runs in support over his six losses.

”This is a collective thing, a group thing,” Iglesias said through an interpreter. ”He’s learning, he’s growing up. It’s got nothing to do with effort, preparation or information. But not winning games, for everybody, is difficult.”

Santana has a penchant for striking out, and swung wildly in his first at-bat against Iglesias for the 37th strikeout in 73 career at-bats.

After grounding out in the fourth, Santana homered to right-center field to lead off the seventh to give Milwaukee a 3-0 lead.

”I was just trying to look for something over the plate, a mistake and put a good swing on it,” Santana said. Louis, Pittsburgh and Chicago have made headlines in the NL Central this year, the Reds and Brewers are simply trying to avoid the basement of the majors’ most competitive division. The club would like him to throw another 26 to 36 innings this season to bring his total to 150 to 160.

Brewers: RHP Tyler Cravy (right elbow impingement) likely will be used in a relief role when he returns from the 15-day disabled list. Then, with two on and one out in the eighth, he grounded into a double play, ending the Reds’ best threat.

”We have to create more opportunities to score,” Price said. Milwaukee (54-74) snapped a four-game skid to remain 1 1/2 games ahead of Cincinnati (52-75).


Iglesias was impressive, too, after a rocky first. ”I was trying to hit a line drive over the second baseman and actually I put a better swing on it.”

Lind’s two-run double in the eighth capped scoring.

While St.

MILWAUKEE (AP) Brewers rookie Domingo Santana wanted to make a strong showing in his first start at Miller Park. ”The team is struggling and in a bad situation right now.”


Cincinnati has lost 13 of 14 and hasn’t scored a run in 19 innings despite the efforts of Joey Votto, who reached base three times to push his on-base percentage this season to .449.

But, the Reds’ star made two costly mistakes. Sampson has given up four homers in 24 1/3 innings, including two in his last start.

Brewers: RHP Matt Garza (6-14, 5.26) faces off against Sampson. Scooter Gennett walked to lead off the game and scored on Jonathan Lucroy’s double. It’s just not to the level of our expectations.”

Cincinnati, shut out for the second straight game, hasn’t scored since the eighth inning of Wednesday night’s game against the Dodgers.


Reds: Top prospect Robert Stephenson (wrist cramps) threw four scoreless innings on Thursday night at Triple-A Louisville. ”But, I just try to keep everything simple. 3.


Reds: Rookie RHP Keyvius Sampson (2-2, 5.55 ERA) gets his sixth start of his career on Saturday. Cravy is expected to begin throwing again soon, and is eligible to return on Sept. He’s certainly impressing his manager.

Santana homered and fellow rookie Taylor Jungmann pitched six strong innings to lead the Milwaukee Brewers to a 5-0 victory over the Cincinnati Reds on Friday night.

”That power is so – appealing,” Milwaukee manager Craig Counsell said.

Santana appears to be the needed power-hitter that Milwaukee has lacked when he was acquired along with three other prospects from Houston at the trade deadline.

”It’s always good to give a good first impression,” said Santana, who was called up last Friday to start a five-game road trip