Palms Casino Resort remodels sportsbook for $300,000 Pigskin Payoff

1, and youll also receive $10 in free slot play. Take advantage of the contest early-bird offer and sign up by Sept. Sunday mornings.

Football season is less than two weeks away and the staff at the Las Vegas Palms Casino Resort are working around the clock to put the finishing touches on the new Palms Football Center. The entry form also indicates payment methods including cash, comps, and points.

Visit the Club Palms players card desk to receive or update your club card then stop by the Football Center between 8 a.m.-10 p.m. Total prize pool is $300,000 with $34,000 divided among the top 100 overall winners. Go before September 1 to receive your bonus $10 slot play.

After many recent renovations and changes to their sportsbook including leasing the newly remodeled space to Cantor Gaming, the Palms management and executive staff have chosen to continue the $25 buy-in handicapping contest as a promotion separate from Cantor’s sportsbook operation.

Each week’s selections will be available at noon on Tuesdays on contest terminals located in the new Football Center. Weekly prizes total $10,000 to the contestant picking the highest number of winning games. ALL selections must be entered in the terminals in person no later than 9 a.m. If you buy the maximum three entries you receive three more free, thats six entries for $75, or $12.50 per entry. Contest registrations are non-transferable and non-refundable.. See the official contest rules for a detailed breakdown and distribution of prizes.

Each entry into the Pigskin Payoff is $25. The Pigskin Payoff is an affordable no-points football handicapping contest with fairly simple rules and 300,000 good reasons to play. daily to sign-up for your chance at your share of the $300,000 prize pool. Located in the former poker room, the Football Center will serve as headquarters for the 2012 $300,000 Pigskin Payoff.

Contestants must be 21 years old or older with valid identification, must be a member of the Palms players club (Club Palms) and MUST sign-up in person. The contest spans 17 weeks of the NFL regular season and contestants must select one team from listed Sunday and Monday games

Baseball Handicapping Formula – How To Become Great at Baseball Handicapping

You might have a nice run for a week, start thinking you have the best system in the world then lose the next 10 games. Follow the game, use a proven baseball betting formula, there are many available. Baseball season is very long and there are many ups and downs for every team. Part of being a good handicapper is promoting yourself as one. My feelings on this are not one individual can be giving that title. Remember to distinguish the difference between just lucky and picking the right side. It is better to be lucky than be good, right. That is the easy part just about all handicappers claim to be the best.

Now a proven winning formula is mandatory. Let’s make it simple and say that a baseball handicapper is a person that analyzes two baseball teams and attempt to picks the winner.

The bestbaseball handicappersin one who thoroughly follows the game, uses a proven system along with all those miscellaneous variables to determine their selections. A good handicapper will take all this information and plug into their handicapping formula.

The fact is anyone can claim to be good atbaseball handicapping. There is no license or certification required. Don’t confuse being lucky for being good.. There is no government rating nor is there any real tracking system. The only way to fully grade a handicappers picks is over the entire season.

Now you are probably reading this article because you want to know who is best. For effectivebaseball handicappingyou need to follow a formula. Luck has a lot to do with it. A handicapper that just picks games without close examination is one that I would avoid. I am a true believe that anyone can be the best baseball handicapper if they so desire. Many get lucky but luck only happens occasional. You just start analyzing ball games and select your winners. Then there are the side variable such as weather conditions, disputes among the players sand mental state of the players.

Just what is abaseball handicapper? According to Wikipedia: Baseball Handicapping is the practice of assigning advantage through scoring compensation or other advantage given to different contestants to equalize the chances of winning. Baseball handicapping is not all based on skill. The only way to test a formula is to use through an entire baseball season. They must be up to date with all trades, injuries, trends and current statistics. Be consistent with your bets and use proper money management and you will the best baseball handicapper.

I would define the best baseball handicapper a one who is truly knowledgeable on the sports. Anyone can create a formula and start using it, but it has to be tested. This formula must be battle tested

The Role of a Buchmacher in Sports Gambling

The role of a sports book is to overlook all the betting and make sure that the gamblers use fair practices. Visit each website and find the services and betting facilities the website is offering. There are many sports books and all the sports books operate online. Starting with little money and increasing the amount gradually is the key to success in sports gambling.

Author’s Bio:

Shrin Sndu has good knowledge about differnt games,including football, tennis, basketball, handball, eishockey and motorsport. Beginners may require visiting several websites to find a credible one and understand the rules of the games.. Once they have reliable websites, they can read their rules or compare different websites to find the best. For more info,please visit Buchmacher and Sportwetten .

Buchmacher is a person that invites people to bet on their favorite sporting events like golf championship, baseball match, football, rugby, tennis and much more. He provides certain services required for betting and also provides latest information on every sporting event taking place in any city or village in the world. Some sports books share their profit with their members to encourage them to invest more money in gambling.

In this time and age, when everything is available online, sports aficionados dont need to visit places with gambling facilities as they can find a reliable buchmacher right on the web. Betting is a common activity during any sporting event and one find betting within their group on the outcome of the sporting events.

Playing sports has been a source of entertainment since time immemorial and people also take pleasure in watching sports. Just Google the keyword sports book and you will get a long list of trustworthy sports booking websites. Beginners need to do much homework prior to starting gambling. One thing that beginners should keep in mind is that they should never start with huge money as they can make lose the money in gambling. When this activity takes place among a larger group, it requires a buchmacher to regulate the betting process and distribute the winning amount.

Every sport gambling website has its own set of rules that need to know prior to using its services. Today every sporting event is watched by millions of people across the globe and this is evident from the number of viewers that sports channel gets whenever there is a sporting event takes place in any part of the world. Sports book remains stable during betting process as his role is limited to providing services and assisting gamblers. The first thing they need to do is locate a trustworthy buchmacher. The author has worked as a famous bookee with a few renowned organizations

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Roulette odds clearly define …. The myth goes that they sold their soul to the devil to know the …. This will give you a significant advantage and should lead to increased profits.

Advantages and disadvantages of playing video games By Rahul Xarma

Complex, challenging, and ambitious, video games have come a long way since the simple arcade titles of the 1970sand evidence is mounting that the benefits …. Its a sport on its own with websites, blogs and columns exclusively dedicated to the game. Understanding the odds is something one has to do first because this is basic as far as the game of roulette is concerned.

The best way to Play Fantasy Football for Novice By Leon Edward

Playing fantasy football, whether for fun or real money, is a great way to enjoy one of America’s favorite sports, professional football. Game is opened by player on left of the dealer, with others following suit.

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Which games come to your mind when we say “board games”? Monopoly? Risk? Carcassonne? They are merely a “child” when compared to tavla …. Furthermore, it really is exciting to win and opportunity on big pot cash any time you spin the reels.

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Articles 1 – 15 :: Prev | 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 .. will fit the player whatever the times of year are. These are rules based around multiplier levels basically, and some of them force the player to forfeit.

Down Memory Lane with Roulette By Simon Kettle

Many people credit the brothers Louis and Francois Blanc as the inventors of roulette. mind and figuring out what he or she likes and doesn’t like to do. | Next

. All these steps when looking forward your next bookie software provider will help you to take the best decision possible.

Big Match Preview: The Manchester Derby By Mikel Pole

Mark your calendars for one of the biggest matches of the Premier League season. For even net casinos …. although, one can expect Chelsea to beat Liverpool at home. A City win is 15/8.

Chelsea are the new Premier League champions By Mikel Pole

The Blues have clinched their fifth English league title after a 1 0 win over Crystal Palace. As a beginner …. When searching for great price per head bookmaking software, it’s always important to look for quality service rather than the lowest price.

Compare bookie software prices and fees By Tony Castillo

Don’t make the common mistake to let the “pay per head” fee be the only factor when choosing your next bookie software provider. Online casinos …. If Liverpool lose and United win this weekend, all the places in the top four would be sealed.

How to become a famous World of Warcraft player By Jordan Turner

In a game with 9 million subscribers one may think it is impossible to stand out from the crowd or to be recognized for some unique talent, whether for …. 34; According to Bet365, Manchester United are 6/4 to pick up all three points, while they are offering 23/10 in case of a draw. For instance, Paul …. This Premier League title will be Mourinhos eighth league …. represent a real hit in the future?. offensive players scheduled to play against bad defensive teams. getting. You should read weather reports and try to avoid players who might be playing in rain or snow.

Play your opponent accordingly By Yosi Mizrahi

The next time you sit down at a poker table, you need to remember that every player sitting around that table has different tendencies. There are many casino games to take into account when you have the time and budget, check out additional options like slots, roulette or anything else.

Policies on Enjoying Slots Games On line By Alex Slepoy

Slots Game Online Types Let’s just express that you can’t call an e-casino complete without one little bit of video slot. And till the time people continue to gamble roulette will remain the game of choice worldwide.

Roulette Odds and Betting By Simon Kettle

Everyone goes gaga over the roulette wheel and the roulette table but the sensible players always lay stress on roulette odds.

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Home Sports & Recreations Casino-GamingOnline Bridge and Its Variant Casino Card Games By Simon Kettle

For card game fans, bridge is more than a game. extremely active! 5.The hardware and software together are quite expensive, which can be a challenge when balancing what you want to spend your money on.

Advantages and features of Pay Per Head Services By Peter Penske

MAIN ADVANTAGES OF PAY PER HEAD SOFTWARE There are many different advantages of utilizing pay per head services for modern bookmaking software. find the most number of gamblers around the roulette table. Perhaps …. The luck may not be on your side constantly however, there is real fun in playing casino …. Jenkins” you might find yourself dressed in neon pink, with a gigantic spoon as a weapon while you spam your victims with “say my name bitch”.

Best Casino Games Principles By Alex Slepoy

Wagering can be a enjoyable and fun regular activity for some. mind when betting roulette. point target is considered short game and longer games can go up to 500 points. as Holland rule, Jacoby rule and Crawford rule. Manchester United play host to the reigning English champions at Old Trafford …. Making it …

Tips For Surviving In The Nfl Survivor Pool

oSign up with a pool which provides attractive joining bonus for every newcomer.

A few instructions for surviving in the Sports Betting Pools

Today online sporting events are becoming popular with the pools to become easily accessible, manageable and safe. This goes on until only one player is left in the betting pool and he would be the winner or the champion of the game.

oSearch for the list of online sports bookmakers with untarnished records as these bookmakers help us in taking calculated risks on the game we like. 888sport, Party bets, Betfair are a few of the well known and reliable bookmakers.. There are huge followers who are searching the websites for tips to win big cash pools. Here are a few tips to help you get a grip over the NFL Survivor Pool:

There are innumerable number of websites offering betting for visitors on MLB pools, NBA and NFL pools. Added to this there are other returns like ascertaining their positions and customizing their pool size with pressures about score prediction.

oAnd lastly focus on the game you have put your money on and put in your money in little parts rather than shelling it all out on one single bet to minimize the risks involved.

oA good online guide will help you start off your betting online.

oMake sure that the bookmakers chosen by you have registered with the government and are abiding to the strict laws laid out by the government to safeguard the players interests.

Depending on the amount of players or participants you are deciding to pull in you can fix the entrance fee .The real thrill and enjoyment in Sports Betting Pools can be enjoyed by your friends and family at economical prices.

By: adampaul

Article Directory:

Adam Paul is an author for, one of the best sports pool site. The NFL Survivor Pool is a simple game wherein the only main rule is that the player who stays the longest and predicts the frontrunner wins the game or becomes the champion in the end.

The NFL Survivor Pool is mostly used because there are fewer teams participating and they have a huge following. These online betting sites provide various pool formats which can be used for recording the scores and organizing the websites without any difficulties. However these Sports Betting Pools can be custom-made to work under several other occasions such as the college league etc., In this type of pools you have to predict the winner of the week and if the team you predicted had won the game then you move on to bet on the team next week .If you had not succeeded in predicting the winner then you are out of the game. He is writing articles on nfl survivor pool from past 2 years.

Getting involved in the NFL games, hanging in there on the basis of your knowledge and becoming the single survivor or champion of the NFL pool would be not only be a good proposition to anyone playing the game but is also a great entertainment alternative

Pune Warriors Vs Kings Xi Punjab Scores And Highlights: Pune Won

After they both got out in just five balls span, the team most priced players Robin Uthappa (22) and Yuvraj Singh (21) finished the things in style by clobbering three sixes between them.

Kings XI Punjab hopes were open, when got rid of Smith for the first ball but nothing went there way after that. Their bowlers were thrown all over the park. Ryan McLaren fifty was in vain as they ended up on losing side.

The two opening pair of Alfonso Thomas and Shrikant Wagh got rid of top order of Punjab and KXIP misunderstanding between wickets contributed to their downfall. Jesse Ryder (31) and Mithun Manhas (35) laid solid foundation scoring runs with ease. Pune Warriors was led by Yuvraj Singh.

Pune Warriors debuting in the Indian Premier League with Former Proteas captain Graeme Smith and Kiwi batsmen Jesse Ryder. The surprise pack Shrikant Wagh has rattled three wickets, Alfonso Thomas got two wickets and Jesse Ryder, and Wayne Parnell chipped in with a wicket each. The Aussie pair went back to dug out to watch their teammates show by scoring only run each. KXIP lost their half of the team in six overs and scored only 36 runs. Pune Warriors won their inaugural match of Indian Premier League defeating Kings XI Punjab by 7 wickets and 41 balls to spare.

Adam Gilchrist won the toss and decided to bat first, Kings XI Punjab first look in IPL 4 was started with two Aussie openers Adam Gilchrist and Shaun Marsh. Praveen Kumar, Abshiek Nayar and Ryan McLaren have got a wicket each.

Kings XI Punjab scorecard: Adam Gilchrist (1), Shaun Marsh (1), Paul Valthaty (6), Dinesh Karthik (0), Abshiek Nayar (12), Sunny Singh (12), Ryan McLaren (51)*, Piyush Chawla (15), Praveen Kumar (3),Nathan Rimmington (1)*.

Pune Warriors vs Kings XI Punjab IPL 4 2011 game scores and highlights are as follows: KXIP 112/8 (20.0 overs) and PW 113/3 (13.1 overs). Graeme Smith (0) went back to pavilion for the first ball of the innings to Praveen Kumar. The pair is dealing runs in boundaries; a boundary was garneted in every over when these two were on the crease.

Shrikant Wagh was awarded with Player of the match for his three wickets.


For nearly two years Dr. Or maybe not. And then, after nearly 280,000 photos captured by motion detection, it happened. But OConnors findings of what he

. UFO captured? Man says he has proofCLANCY, Mont. Richard OConnor has kept two cameras pointed at the sky with the deep hope and belief that something might be out there

Athlete Facts and Sports Fiction

Not only do they learn to recognize animal names like Sharks, Bears, and Orioles, but also player names like Jones, Martinez, and Sutter. The same is true for the child who follows their family’s favorite sporting team. They may be identified as high-interest, but a review of the content will determine its readability. Current players make it into the newspapers and sports periodicals, so reading the sports section with your child will show how readers find information on a regular basis that has nothing to do with school.

Toddlers are aware of environmental print, that is signs and words around them that they easily recognize. Jerseys are the environmental print for the sports enthusiast. Examples including restaurant logos like McDonald’s are part of the early reader’s repertoire. In some articles, readers learn more about how a professional player got to their current career, while other articles report on their special interests and community involvement.

Biography books do the same. If the reader is truly motivated to read about their favorite player, they will do their best to read and comprehend, using their background knowledge on the topics or asking questions about words or concepts. Rising sport stars have their books published quickly to meet the demand for their stories. . These children’s books are written for a younger audience and their readability. Children’s biographies often include glossaries that are not provided in adult biographies. Once they learn about their favorite teams and players, they will seek out more information about them

I-Gaming: Illegal And Thriving – CBS News

“I think the issue is very simple: that you should license it, regulate it and tax it,” says Terri Lanni, the CEO of MGM/Mirage.

Just type in a credit card or bank account number and you’ll be betting within minutes.

This story originally aired on Nov. For Payne, one big reason online gaming is such a lucrative business is that because he doesn’t face the costs traditional casinos do. It’s a huge business,” says Nigel Payne, who runs Sportingbet, one of the world’s biggest online gambling companies.

Internet gaming companies will make $10 billion in profit this year. “I don’t need a hotel. And yet millions of Americans do it on hundreds of Web sites, to the tune of billions of dollars.

While Internet gaming is illegal in the United States, correspondent Lesley Stahl reports it is absolutely thriving.

“I believe there’s about 12 and a half million Americans today use internet gambling in its widest form. I don’t need any cocktail waitresses. That’s a hell of a lot of consumer power,” says Payne.

In the virtual casinos of the Internet, you can bet on anything. 20, 2005.

The point of making something illegal is to stop people from doing it, and penalize them if they do.

Copyright 2005 CBS. I don’t have to comp any hotel rooms.”

Then there’s Internet gambling. All rights reserved. The federal government is clear: gambling on the Internet is against the law. I don’t have to comp any drinks. You can wager on any sport.

Or take a seat at

It’s so much power that America’s gaming industry, which has long opposed Internet gambling, is shifting its position.

“There’ll be more online poker games per day at the end of this year than all of the casinos in the entire world put together. I don’t need any croupiers. Spin the wheels on slot machines and roulette, roll the dice in backgammon and craps. They’re all based overseas, but as much as 80 percent of their traffic and profit – comes from the U.S.

Liverpool FC and Chelsea FC Mobile Content Cards to Be Supplied by Ki-Bi for Orange; Premier Football Club Branded Ki-Bi Cards to Be Distributed to Orange Customers

During the past two years, Ki-Bi has established relationships with global leaders in the mobile market such as Motorola, Ericsson, Orange, O2, Sun Microsystems, Siemens and others. The Company’s business model is based upon the sale of electronic content cards (“Cards”) and sharing of the revenues from the content distributed through the Cards.

Ki-Bi provides innovative technological solutions for physical distribution and marketing of content and applications for mobile handsets. In the same month, Orange also won Best International Mobile Operator at the World Communications Awards.

The Chelsea and Liverpool Ki-Bi cards will be sent via direct mail to Orange customers who have either registered for SMS sports alerts or who are known fans of either of the teams. For more information, please visit Traditionally, this sort of content would be accessed via a WAP portal from the handset; however by using the Ki-Bi card, Orange will be able to simplify the download process resulting in increased download volumes.”

TEL AVIV, Israel–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jan. The content on the cards will be distributed as premium downloads, generating revenues from the fans each time they use the Ki-Bi cards. The judges said: “Orange is so solid, you cannot expect more.”

About Ki-Bi Mobile Technologies Ltd.


The Ki-Bi card, with its high perceived value and mass market appeal, is specifically designed to lead mobile content product categories in the retail and promotional space. As well as directly generating revenue through premium downloads, the cards also offer consumers an easy introduction into the world of mobile content, something that has been proved to have a knock on effect on their ongoing consumption.”

In May 2005, Orange gained the top ranking for customer satisfaction among mobile phone contract customers in the annual J.D.Power and Associates 2005 UK Mobile Telephone Customers Satisfaction Study.

In October 2005, Orange won the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards – voted for by readers of Mobile Choice magazine – for Best Network Operator for the fifth year running. At the end of June 2005, Orange had over 14.4 million active UK customers. By using the cards in conjunction with the Chelsea and Liverpool brands we hope to offer our customers something that is of real value to them. The cards will be launched to coincide with the start of the European Champions League Finals, to which both Chelsea and Liverpool have qualified, in February 2006.

Content such as ringtones, music, video and games for mobile handsets, is currently distributed mainly by over-the-air downloads into handsets, but there are technological, logistic and marketing barriers to traditional physical distribution of such content via retail outlets. .

About Orange

Richard Cohen, European Sales Director, Ki-Bi, said: “This is a great application for our cards – football clubs have huge potential for mobile content, whether that be video, ringtones or wallpapers. Ki-Bi has been a portfolio company of Siemens Acceleration since September 2003, and became publicly traded on AIM in London in May 2005 (LSE: KIB). The cards, branded as either Chelsea FC or Liverpool FC, will allow Orange customers who are fans of these clubs to download exclusive mobile content direct to their mobile phones. Ki-Bi provides a solution for the tangible distribution of mobile content based on a combination of proprietary consumer electronics devices and central management server systems. 4, 2006–Mobile content distribution specialist Ki-Bi today announces a deal with Orange to produce football-club-branded mobile content cards for distribution to the mobile network operator’s customers. In the UK, Orange provides high quality GSM coverage to 99% of the UK population, and offers roaming to pay monthly customers on 393 networks in 156 countries and to pay as you go customers on 131 networks in 67 countries. It is the seventh time Orange has been ranked top by the study.

Information about Orange can be found on the Orange website at and media information can be found at

Orange, wirefree and any other Orange product or service referred to in this release are trademarks of Orange Personal Communications Services Ltd. Steve Wallage, Commercial Manager for Sports, Orange UK, said: “The Ki-Bi card is a truly innovative solution to the challenge of delivering mobile content to consumers